Susana Diaz


 Behavioral Health Clinician

Susana Diaz MSW, ASW is a Behavioral Health Clinician at FBHUCC. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology and her Master’s in Social Work with distinction from California State University Stanislaus. She has experience providing crisis intervention, case management and using an Integrative Holistic approach in both county and non-profit settings to both school aged students and adults. She also has experience working with multi-disciplinary teams.

Susana is a passionate and dedicated professional who advocates for her clients and provides them with adequate support and resources. She empowers and educates them to gain the skills to improve their well-being and quality of life. Susana believes that dignity and autonomy are the most basic rights a person is entitled to. She also believes that adequate support and resources not only give people insight, but create awareness to make informed decisions and transform their lives.